The Sunflower

Chronicle of a life. These are from another book assembled in 2003
four index pages, 22 photos

Old Survivor

Living on the left bank the Rhine, burned out but still alive.
three index pages, 19 photos

Quiet Life

Not still, just quiet. These are images from a book that I put together in August 2003.
three index pages, 20 photos

Mostly La Boca

Buenos Aires in October-November 2002.
four index pages, 24 photos

Diamant Mehl,
Düsseldorf Hafen

An elegant, but tired, old workhorse gets a makeover; flour replaced by still more office space.
five index pages, 33 photos

Santa Teresa RJ, RJ

This is an old neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, built for senators and wealthy Europeans, now a museum piece – the senators have moved to Brasilia, the upper middle class to the southern outskirts. What remains is a mix – poor, middle class, professionals and artists, in a charming old collection of modest and ostentatious buildings.
two index pages, 17 photos
More of the environs are on display at

Protective Custody

Starve them out in the wild, or keep them in cages as lab specimens or wild pets; there's no good solution here.
three index pages, 26 photos