Tyler Boley

An American tourist's view of Italy
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Part of developing body of personal black and white photography.
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Carolyn Frayn

Selections from the shoebox
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Pablo Kolodny

una mujer en el agua/woman in water series
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tina/negrA    text in english
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tina/negrA es un reflejo. Un reflejo oscuro de un país y una sociedad en completa decadencia. Es un manto negro de matices diferentes. Es el patetismo que representan los que quieren ser y no pueden, los que quieren ser y no se les permite, y, peor aún, los que no quieren ser. – Martin Kolodny
Centro Cultural Recoleta - Secretaría de Cultura - Gobierno de la Ciudad
Junín 1930 (1113) Buenos Aires - Argentina
19.12.2002 - 19.01.2003

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Bernd Langmack

Industrial Landscape, Ruhrgebiet
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“By courtesy of Tim Spragens I have the opportunity to show a bit of my photographic work on this site. I have chosen industrial landscapes mainly because I am living in the city of Essen (Germany), which is sometimes called the 'Ruhrgebiet-Metropole'”.
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Nina Contini Melis

Manif, demonstrations on the streets of Paris
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Julian Thomas

personal work
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Martin Wesley

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“I find myself reluctant to speak of my photographs in advance of your looking at them. Hopefully they stand on their own and as a group, although this collection is a bit more eclectic than I would like. I cannot really articulate why I take photographs. I only know that it satisfies, at least partially, some inner urge or complusion. As to why I took these particular images I can only say that the compositions appealed to me at the time.”