Tyler Boley

An American tourist's view of Italy
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Part of developing body of personal black and white photography.
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Carolyn Frayn

Selections from the shoebox
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Pablo Kolodny

una mujer en el agua/woman in water series
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tina/negrA    texto en castellano
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tina/negrA (black-bath) is a reflection. A dark reflection of a country and a society in utter decadence. A black cloak with multiple shades. The pathetic play performed by those who want to be but cannot be, by those who want to be but are not allowed to, and, worst of all, by those who do not want to be. – Martin Kolodny
Centro Cultural Recoleta - Secretaría de Cultura - Gobierno de la Ciudad
Junín 1930 (1113) Buenos Aires - Argentina
19.12.2002 - 19.01.2003

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Bernd Langmack

Industrial Landscape, Ruhrgebiet
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“By courtesy of Tim Spragens I have the opportunity to show a bit of my photographic work on this site. I have chosen industrial landscapes mainly because I am living in the city of Essen (Germany), which is sometimes called the 'Ruhrgebiet-Metropole'”.
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Nina Contini Melis

Manif, demonstrations on the streets of Paris
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Julian Thomas

personal work
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Martin Wesley

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“I find myself reluctant to speak of my photographs in advance of your looking at them. Hopefully they stand on their own and as a group, although this collection is a bit more eclectic than I would like. I cannot really articulate why I take photographs. I only know that it satisfies, at least partially, some inner urge or complusion. As to why I took these particular images I can only say that the compositions appealed to me at the time.”